Clima-Tite (Weather Proof Wrapping)

Weather related catastrophes from straight-line winds, tornadoes, hurricanes and floods are often responsible for devastating structural damages. When property is left exposed to the elements of nature after an unexpected disaster, immediate response is critical. A variety of structural and biological hazards will continue to develop after a loss, making the window of opportunity to properly secure property and mitigate further damages extremely urgent. Royal Restoration uses Clima-Tite wrapping to achieve maximum risk protection and effectiveness. Clima-Tite protects property quickly, efficiently and affordably and is much more sustainable and reliable than tarping.

Clima-Tite Benefits

  • Single Seamless Cover
  • Interiors Less Exposed – Provides Dry Work Space for Restoration Efforts to Begin
  • Air Tight Barrier Protects from Further Interior and Exterior Damage
  • Clima-Tite is Industrial Strength – Protects Structures for Up to One Year
  • Affordable and Can Displace Need for Relocation