Mold Damage

mold-damage-royal-restorationMold presents a serious risk to your health and property and should be addressed immediately once discovered within inhabitable structures. Royal Restoration employs certified professionals with expert knowledge and experience in mold remediation services. Our teams will complete initial air quality and mold identification testing before suggesting and implementing the appropriate remediation techniques for your particular situation.
Clearance Testing: Once all mold has been completely removed from a structure, Royal Restoration will have an unbiased 3rd party firm perform and validate clearance testing confirming complete success of the remediation plan. Clearance testing provides both our clients and Royal Restoration with formal documentation that the issue was handled properly, eliminating risk for all parties.

Royal Restoration offers immediate response to the Greater Birmingham Area and the Central Alabama region. Below is a list of services and equipment we can deploy to remediate mold damage.

Capabilities & Equipment

  • Free Damage Assessment
  • Initial Air Quality Testing
  • Mold Identification Testing
  • Remediation Planning & Execution
  • Containment & Isolation
  • Removal of Contaminated Materials
  • Treatment & Air Purification
  • Reconstruction
  • Clearance Testing & Formal Documentation
  • State of the Art Air Purification Systems
  • HEPA Vacs
  • Dry Ice Blasters
  • Industrial Grade Antimicrobial Solutions